Hi, I am Garret.  

I grew up in Southern California, snowboarding in the winters, surfing and trips to Mexico in the summer.  After graduating University with a B.A. in International Economics and Spanish Literature, I moved to Madrid, Spain.  I lived poor but happy, all the time walking around the city and taking pictures of everything and later trying to sell the prints on the streets or at local markets.  This is when I began to understand that the camera was a key to many worlds within our own.  I fell in love with meeting people, photographing them and later sharing the images with them.   After a few years in Spain, I set my sights on adventuring around Asia.  I landed in Taiwan, where I would spend two years studying a Masters M.B.A. in marketing. Through this study I wrote my graduate thesis on the changing landscape of commercial photography and the impending demand for more commercial content for branding. 

It was an amazing time of learning processes and ways of thinking that only fueled my desire to take my photography to a professional level.  After graduation, I founded a photography and production studio in Taipei.  Over the course of the past eight years I have been fortunate to work directly with some of the most innovative and creative brands in the world.  I am very happy to include Red Bull, Nike, Gogoro, Asus and many others as core clients of my business. 

My approach to branding and photography, begins with developing close ties with the people at the brand and learning what makes them excited to work there.  This is very important to me in the process, because that is where the story begins.  I also believe in long term, and deep communication strategies throughout the year, to bring about much more successful photography projects.

I love potatoes and really dislike tomatoes.